Sunroom Furniture Ideas

For comfort and relaxation, nothing is much more inviting than a home with a sunroom, screened porch, or solarium. When it comes to furnishing that special room, some people are unaware than sunroom furniture differs from traditional furniture.

Like traditional furniture, sunroom furniture is available in a variety of styles. Some of it resembles traditional home furnishings, but most people opt for a distinctive outdoor style of furniture. Many sunrooms are screened, but others feature a glass enclosure. Either type of room is meant to receive more direct sunlight and therefore the furniture needs are different from the standard living room or den.

Outdoor or sunroom furniture is constructed to be more durable than traditional indoor furniture. Materials such as rattan and wicker are popular for solariums and sunrooms. Both of these materials are durable and tend to hold up well in various weather conditions. Other popular materials include wrought iron and heavy-duty plastic. It is advisable to avoid sunroom furniture constructed from traditional furniture woods as they do not usually hold up as well as these other choices in the outdoor setting.

Decorating the sunroom is only limited by the imagination! Sofas, chaise lounges, chairs, and tables are available in a variety of styles and designs. Glass-top tables are a good choice. Spills can be wiped up quickly and easily, leaving the table undamaged. Cushions are available in a variety of colors and patterns and can often be bought separately. Since they are relatively inexpensive, it is easy to change your décor as often as you want – and without spending a lot of money in the process!

When buying furniture with a fabric covering, many shoppers prefer earth tones or natural colors. Colorful pillows can be used to brighten up any color scheme. When the seasons change, it is a quick fix to pick up a few different pillows. Add a couple of live or artificial plants and your sunroom is complete. If room permits, consider adding a copper fire bowl.

These rooms are designed to provide comfort and relaxation. In addition to durability, the smart shopper will look for furniture that is comfortable and inviting. Since this room will undoubtedly get a lot of use, it is a room that should be furnished and decorated with just that in mind.

When shopping on a budget, consider buying one or two good pieces of basic wicker or rattan furniture. Additional pieces can be added at a later time. The best advice is to buy sunroom furniture that you want to live with. Sunrooms, by design, are warm, open, and friendly environments. It is a place that you and your family will want to spend a lot of time. Make it comfortable, inviting, and enjoyable. Most importantly, make it a room that not only fits your lifestyle, but one that is uniquely you!

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