Single Sloped Sunroom

A single sloped sunroom or sometimes called a shed type sunroom is an economically and simple sunroom addition to a house. Characterized by a single slope roof, these sunrooms are an easy way to bring in more light to the home.

Often, converting an existing part of a house to a single sloped sunroom is a less expensive option than building out a completely new sunroom addition. Many porches can be converted to this type of sunroom by adding glass panels between the posts. In other cases, parts of a garage or overhang can be enclosed to create a shed type sunroom. Building a sunroom on an outdoor deck is also an easy way to enjoy sun indoors and bring the natural beauty of the outdoors in. These types of sunrooms typically have a single sloped roof as it’s easy to extend the existing overhang of the house over the deck. However, even if you can’t convert a part of your existing home into a sunroom, it is fairly easy to include one of these as a sunroom addition to your home.

When choosing a single sloped sunroom, you should consider the pitch of the roof slope. If you live in an area where snow is common in the winter, you many want to consider a higher pitched roof. In other cases, the pitch of the roof can even be zero. You also have options to add skylights to your roof to make the sunroom even brighter. Usually for single sloped sunrooms, a few roof panels of glass are sufficient for additional light.

If you have a low pitched roof, adding solar panels to power the heating and cooling in your sunroom is a great option. Solar panels on a low pitched roof have maximum access to the sunlight for generating power. Now you have an all season sunroom that you can enjoy year round.

Another reason that single sloped or shed sunrooms are economical is that the windows that surround them are usually of similar sizes and shapes. Unlike a gable or conservatory style sunrooms where you need many different sizes and shapes of glass panels, a single sloped sunroom usually requires simple window glass that you can fine at your local hardware store. We always recommend using double pane or even triple pane glass for better insulation.

There are many sunroom vendors that sell single sloped sunrooms. Most of these vendors classify these sunrooms under the term "studio sunroom". However, a studio sunroom can have many roof styles including gable and conservatory style. The most simple studio sunroom is the single sloped kind. As you can see, single sloped sunrooms are an easy way for you to enjoy the benefits of a sunroom. Check out where to buy section to find a local sunroom dealer who can install a sunroom for your home.

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