Gable Roof Sunroom

A gable style sunroom has roof panels that slope away from the center ridge forming a triangular look. Gable roofs are a common style or roofing architecture for a house because they allow rain and snow to easily side down. A sunroom can have a gable roof that is solid or made of glass. If a gable roof is made of glass, the sunroom is typically called a solarium with a gable style roof. However, there are advantages to having a gable style sunroom.

One of the advantages of a gable style roof is cathedral ceilings or high ceilings to increase the amount of space inside. When a sunroom addition is attached to the side of a house, sometimes a single sloped roof can limit the height of the ceiling and reduce the amount of space in the sunroom. Additionally, depending on the size of the sunroom, a shed or single sloped roof may not suffice because the lower end of the slope may be too low for living standards. A gable style roof, however, can be used for almost any sized sunroom. Cathedral ceilings also create a more airy atmosphere, are more inviting and can increase the value of the overall house.

A gable style sunroom also allows in more light than single sloped sunrooms. Because of the triangular front gable, there is more space for windows and easier for sunlight to penetrate. Remember that a gable roof sunroom has a triangular front and back. These sunrooms are typically attached to a house by the triangular back side. That way the triangular front gable, the side with the majority of window panels, is facing where the sunlight can come in. This is the most common way that a gable sunroom addition is attached to the home. In the case where the sunroom is attached to the house by a non triangular side, both of the triangular ends can receive sunlight. However, this is not ideal as the sun usually will only penetrate one of the gable sides and not the other.

Finally, gable roofs can also have skylights added for additional light and brightness. Because these roofs slope downwards, rain and snow will slide down and not cover the skylights. We don’t recommend gable sunrooms with full glass roofs. These roofs are very difficult to clean and will require professionals to maintain. The worst thing is to have a beautiful sunroom with patches of leaves or grime on a glass roof. Therefore, our suggestion is to stick with a traditional roof and maybe a skylight or two for gable style sunrooms.

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