Enclosed Patios and Screened Porches

enclosed patio screened porch

Many homes have patios and porches. Often, people do not realize that patios and porches can be converted into sunrooms. These converted sunrooms are called enclosed patios and screened porches. To many people, there is little difference between a patio and a porch. While the terms may be used interchangeably, there are some differences. Below we will discuss how each of these types of sunrooms are created.

Porches are usually constructed as a part of the house. They have a roof and often contain some type of rail. Porches are located at either the front or back door of the home and may come in a variety of sizes. No matter the square footage, if it has a roof and is connected to the house it is still considered a porch. They may serve as a place to stop off before entering the main home or they may be designed to encompass the perimeter of the residence. The typical porch is wide enough for at least a couple of chairs. Some porches may be open, but a great number are enclosed by screen. The screen allows for ventilation while keeping out those pesky insects! Screened porches are an ideal place to retreat and enjoy the evening breeze. It's the perfect place to sit and drink that morning cup of coffee. Porches are typically furnished with swings, rocking chairs, or gliders. Overhead fans will definitely be an asset. Lighting is usually overhead, but may be wall-mounted. If the original house plan did not call for a porch, it may be a little difficult to add one - but it is certainly not impossible. Many people find that the costs associated with adding a porch are well worth it! They can provide hours of enjoyment and can increase the value of your home. In today's market, that is certainly good to know.

Patios are often constructed with flat floors and many are roofless. To provide protection against the sun, rain, and mosquitoes, many homeowners are installing patio enclosures. The enclosure is typically constructed of vinyl with an abundance of screen. Some enclosures offer glass windows. The patio is often located adjacent to a house door. If your home was constructed without a patio, adding one is relatively simple. You can make the patio to a size that fits your needs and your budget. Enclosed patios are very popular in homes that have swimming pools. They seem to be the perfect place to stop in before or after that dip in the pool. Furnishing an enclosed patio may be slightly different than furnishing a screened porch. Chaise lounges and small sofas, covered with a durable fabric are often the preferred furnishings. For convenience, many people add a couple of small, durable plastic tables. When patios are built after the initial construction, the services of an electrician may be required to install fans and lighting. If you are hiring a professional to build your patio or construct your patio enclosure, he will probably handle the electrical work for you.

Whatever your choice - a screened porch or an enclosed patio is sure to provide years of enjoyment to you and your family. For many homeowners, these areas are gathering places for friends and family.

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